Strategies and Challenges in Preclinical and Clinical Development


Selected seminars and workshops present current developments in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and promotes the networking of regional players.

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29. April 2021 - [15:00 - Webinar] KPIs – Your key to successful clinical trial oversight!

Heike Schön, Managing Director; Dr. Christiane Juhls, Project Director and Nancy Meyerson-Hess, Consultant / Lumis Life Science Consulting GmbH

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20. April 2021 - [16:00 - LIVETALK] How to improve drug tolerance in competitive ligand binding NAb assays

Dr Regina Bruyns, Senior Scientist Immunology and Sripriya Jaganathan, Bioanalytical Scientist, Immunoassayst, Nuvisan Pharma Services Group

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11. February 2021 - [11:00 - LIVETALK] How to turn complex analytical workflows into LC/MS biomarker assays

Dr. Achim Freisleben, COO & Managing Director and Dr. Heike Wiese, Senior Scientist, Nuvisan Pharma Services Group

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03. December 2020 - [11:00 - LIVETALK] How to boost your compound value with Cross Indication Research?

Dr. Ekkehard May, Head of Cross Indication Research, and Dr. Charlotte Kopitz, Head of Therapeutic Research, Nuvisan - Innovation Campus Berlin (ICB)

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Advanced Workshop 2021

The workshop addresses experts working in preclinical and clinical development who would like to share perspectives in deciding the best clinical development strategy using adaptive & innovative designs and implementing new technologies. Based on the suggestions of the participants a selection of presentations will be made. To support networking, the number of participants is limited to 50 - 80 persons.

Date: tbd, 2021

Location: CoLaborator Berlin, Müllerstr. 178, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Registration:  free of charge (on invitation only - please contact organizers for further details)


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